Relationships and Communication







Family Dynamics 



Unravel Your Genuine Self
Growing up, we build walls, habits and routines to support us and to cope. At a certain point, these things no longer serve us and can get in the way of how we see our opportunities. Discover who you are without limitations.
 Explore who you can become.

    - Annual workshop date in January - 


All families are unique with their own dynamics. However, we all effect and are affected. but how we effect each other is not. Understand where the issues stem from and how to navigate them. Gain skills to deescalate conflicts and create peace and understanding

Understand your communication patterns and how you relate to the world. Great for those who wish to express themselves more honestly   

    - Annual workshop date in March - 

          Ecstatic Connection                
Celebrate your life and all that your body
provides for you. This movement based workshop will encourage you to rejoin your body, embrace its' beauty and give thanks for all it is.

Self Love  
Learn to love yourself unconditionally and in abundance. Discover ways to fill your own cup of life, never coming from a place of lack. Taking care of yourself will lead to life -long happiness and longevity. 


Platonic Cuddle Parties

Learn to communicate and express yourself in a safe, nurturing environment. Explore and understand your comfort level, how to communicate your needs as well as becoming comfortable with respecting consent. 

Consent and Boundaries 

Reevaluate your boundaries, question expectations and learn new ways to cope with change and rejection. This workshop will cover safety, respect, how to avoiding victim shaming and activity pressure. Live with confidence and pursue clear communication.

Relationship: Know the Signs 
Challenge your ideas on what a relationship is. How can it improve? What to look out for in new and seasoned relationships to establish healthy, communicative and supportive partners.

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Renew Year
Sun, Dec 08
Abundant Space
Dec 08, 2019, 7:00 PM
Abundant Space, 10824 N 71st Pl, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, USA
Take time for yourself to recharge, reflect and re-imagine

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