If you are considering working with me, here is some information so you can feel great about your choice! 

Kay is a Coach, Writer, Workshop Facilitator and a Communications Specialist.  Born and raised in New York, she studied Interpersonal and Intercultural Communications with a minor in Psychology. Her strong background in child development, crisis intervention and passion for change pushed her to become an Entrepreneur.  She then drove cross-country and found home under the Phoenix sun. Arizona became a place of growth and inspiration for her to live her best life. Her passion for conflict resolution and connection-building empowers her to work with clients so that they can reduce stress and encourage peace in their everyday lives.

Unique approach
My experience within the world has allowed me to cultivate a rare mindset. My studies encouraged me to gather a deep understanding of how and why people do what they do from an observer standpoint. Identifying the root of all reasoning is key to facilitating chance.  I invested time into finding solutions through behavioral change, reframing perception as well as utilizing coping mechanisms. Combined, I am prepared to help my clients get to their dreams by overcoming fears, tackling obstacles and internal conflicts.

Strong morals 
My personal stance is to honor and respect others walks of life and how they choose to live it. It is my belief that for great change and transformation, one must be willing to grow and choose to be surrounded by positivity and acceptance. I believe in changing the behavior, not the person. We are taught how to interact with the world but as we grow we lose our sense of self. It is time to revive and gain clarity on who you want to become. 

How did you start?
Truth is, I fell into coaching. I was studying communications, developing my crisis intervention skills while working with family support services. I really loved the work and improving the lives of families. By clarifying how people communicate, they were able to truly satisfy their needs and feel heard. Establishing a healthy foundation for the parents created change that will brighten their kids' entire future. This response fills my heart with warmth, still to this day. I knew this is what I was meant to focus on, but I also knew there were not a lot of avenues I could take to combine the services I wanted to offer. So, I went back to school, graduated from SWIHA’s Life Coaching program and created Revive. Since then, I have had repeat clients, hosted workshops, attended ceremonies and have been preparing specialized programs for my clients.

Relatable Obstacles
Personally, I too have struggled with depression, anxiety, narcolepsy and eating disorders. My story, like everyone else’s, has not been an easy one. I had lost my confidence in speaking up, I had toxic friends and emotionally abusive relationships. I had no idea of what life could be like and I could not imagine it if I tried. And believe me, I tried. At points, I was suicidal. I thought about it, then I realized I did not want to die, I just did not want the life I was living.

Finding the internal strength to change my life was an obstacle all in itself. My junior year of college, I experienced a horrible car accident leaving me in a back brace for months. This force from beyond taught me more lessons than I could write, but here are the foundational ones:

Life is too short to settle.
Connection is of utmost importance.
Self love and compassion combats mental conflicts.
Mindset and Support are key to success.

Post accident, I still struggle with some of my mental health issues in addition to some new physical ones. It certainly got worse before it got better. I did not magically heal myself, but I did change my life drastically. Life will always present you with a new challenge, it is not about getting them to stop but showing up and learning the lesson for yourself EVERYDAY. I changed my perspective, trained my brain to notice the good, I started to become grateful for what I had. They were small steps that took me far. I am fortunate to have had such a monumental experiences so early on. Now, I feel a pull to help others, as no one should have to go through their darkest time alone.

I wants to support you on your journey. Whether it is something particular, or yet to be known. Together, we will explore and dig deep to understand the blocks that hold you back, and then release them. Again, life is too short to settle. I works with people who want to grow as individuals, build meaningful connections and learn new ways of being. I support you on your journey through educational workshops, communication skills and healthy connection creation

Many people think that their ways of life are set in stone. I invite you to believe in change, and in yourself. All of the world is changing, it is the one thing we can be sure of. Feel free to read some testimonials from previous sessions to see how their lives have changed.



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